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BC-2B Chlorine Gas Leak Detector

The BC-2B Chlorine Gas Leak Detector  is a kind of chlorine gas leak detector with high performance. It is a necessary instrument used in all sites where the chlorine, the liquid chlorine and the chlorine dioxide are manufactured, stored and used. In the above places, once a chlorine leak occurs, or daily micro leak unawares has accumulated/added up to the alarm value you requested, this Chlorine Gas Leak Detector will immediately notify you with an alarm sound and indicator light, thus insuring the working staff and equipments safety and avoiding the accident.

In 1991, the Chlorine Gas Leak Detector was successfully trial-manufactured. With advanced technology, reasonable structure, reliable work and simple operation, this instrument becomes the appointed product according to the National Standards Design Manuel edited by the Ministry of Construction of China, as well as the special equipment appointed by the Beijing Hospital Sewage Disposal Technology Association, used in various water treatment projects. Unremitting endeavors of our experts and many modifications make this detector perfect. During the 14 years of its distribution in the market, this instrument has sold best all over the country, even applied to the key projects including the villas of Chinese central government leaders (YuQuan Hill), deeply won the trust and favor of the users.

1,One detector is equal to two, owing to two sensors and two-way monitoring circuit.
2, Owing to the hard core of the sensors is produced by the platinum, our sensors can be effectively used more than 10 years (The life of the similar detectorsí» sensors is only about two years.), thus avoiding the frequent costs of replaced probes.
3,Without any chlorine leak, the detector keeps self-balancing with "0".
4,Long-distance monitoring allowed. Different sensors lines provided. The longest is 600 meters.
5,Convenient installation, easy to use and no training needed, just plug in the detector to an outlet.
6,Without any complicated adjustment by users, but simply turn over the exterior function knobs to set up the reporting concentration of chlorine you need.
7,Two-way drives make your equipment (connected with the detector) automatically control (such as exhaust fan, electromagnetic valve, auxiliary relay, neutralization device, etc.)
8,Automatic sound and light alarm provided. No fail-to-report cases.

Technical Data
Operation Range:   0 ~ 5PPM
Working Conditions:   -5 0C ~ +40 0C
Sensitivity: less than 10 seconds (Concentration of chlorine bigger than 0PPM)
Alarm Mode: Alarm Sound and Indicator Light
Power Supply: 110V/220V, available upon customer request
Output Power: 10W
Overall Size: 280*195*78 (mm)

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